In his autobiography of 1985, Zverev wrote, "… I chose Leonardo da Vinci as my teacher. Reading his texts,
I found a lot of things that appealed to me (of course, if we believe what is written in the translated works of this genius)…
I had the great joy of exchanging impressions on art when reading time and again his Treatise on Painting."

Zverev called Leonardo his teacher on repeated occasions and also wrote treatises on painting himself, in part to
imitate his teacher and in part to engage in a conversation with him. Zverev's treatises on painting are full of paradoxes
and aphorisms, while his witty treatises on how to play checkers, how to bring up children, how to cook dinner and
how to choose a wife are full of subtle irony and gentle humor.

The AZ Museum Publishing Program is planning to publish Anatoly Zverev's treatises.

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