Self-portrait in a striped vest
Abstract portrait
Abstract composition
«Shall we go
to the zoo?
A Cat
"All painting,
regardless of mood and style,
is awe and jubilation." Zverev
Reading a Letter
A Man in a Hat
A Bottle
An artist often has two eyes.
He uses one to look at
the "outer" world
and the other to look at
the "inner" world.
Don Quixote
to The Golden Ass
Spring tree
Winter. The Yard
«The painter
works from nature;
He works,
because he's a poet»
Suprematist composition
Suprematist composition
Suprematist composition
Portrait of a Man with a long nose
A Man in a Hat
Kid, behave
A Girl
Portrait of Lilya
Portrait of Polina
Sit down,
kid, I'll
"I saw Mount Olympus! From the attics came down
Rukhin, Nemukhin, Rabin, Valentina,
Lev Kropivnitsky, Zverev and Tselkov,
Sooster – the impression is indelible on my soul!
Ernst Neizvestny and Dima Plavinsky,
Kalinin, Krasnopevtsev, Kulakov,
Chemiakin – the priest of the elephant and the crocodile -
and what about Kharitonov and Yakovlev!" 
Genrikh Sapgir
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